• Brianna Ellingham

Take your personal practice to the next level

Updated: May 30, 2019

Conscious breathing, heat, discipline and time created space a transformed my body.

Flexibility didn't come easily for me, like most of us it took time, a lot of yoga, heat and a lot of breathing. Yoga is something you must practice consistently and for periods of time until you start to see results.

"Right and fervent actions facilitate mastery over the senses and reveal the true self within." - Sutra ii.43

The best way to advance your yoga is to dedicate a period of time to deep practice. At least 1-3 months of daily practice in a warm room with strong conscious breathing and focus. To keep engagement each day observe every part of yourself in each asana. Observe the quality of the breathe, the muscles, the bones, joints, the gaze points or drsti, where you are holding tension and where there is space. As soon as the mind wanders to think about something else, quickly bring it back to the task at hand, the yoga practice.

Its not easy but once you have delved in to the practice for a period of consistent practice, it will have lifted to a new level and you will never loose that. To maintain it is easy and then continue improving your yoga practice happens naturally. The discipline and time is well worth it!

What can you do to advance your yoga practice?

- Choose something you have always wanted to do, make a plan and do it (#Justdoit).

- Watch for habitual behaviours or reactions. Try a different route.

- Repeat a chosen mantra to focus the mind on and guide yourself to a desired outcome.

- Seek your soul purpose (#Dharma) Your uniqueness benefits the good of all beings.

- Consider what changes you can make in your life to honour these.

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