◌ Vinyasa Flow ◌

Vinyasa Flow is a “flow style” class that combines traditional instruction on form, alignment, flow, and strength and balance. A steady rhythm of breath awakens and reconnects you to a stronger and stress-free self as we synchronize breath and movement. You will leave feeling uplifted and energized.

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◌ Yinyasa ◌

A great combination of both Yin and Vinyasa styles of yoga. We start with some Yin floor postures to soften the deeper tissues and warm up slowly,  then move to a gentle vinyasa (active) flow with breath awareness to build heat in the body. We finish off with a gentle cool down sequence to calm the body and mind. Perfect for beginners.

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◌ Meditation & Philosophy ◌

Every last Saturday of the month we hold an hour-long meditation and yoga philosophy class, all welcome. In the first 30-minutes, we do traditional Indian meditation for beginners with Japa beads. Followed by a 30-minute yoga sutra and philosophy discussion. Each month we will introduce a new topic that you can listen to and enjoy our special south Indian recipe hot chai tea. No previous knowledge about meditation or philosophy is required.